Relief & Welfare

Relief and welfare is one of the main activity of The Ramakrishna Mission. Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Vrindavana also is acting in the same line. Apart from the Charitable Hospital many regular Relief & Welfare activities are being conducted by the Sevashrama as detailed below:

Welfare of the Widow Mothers and the Poor : As a common practice many of the Poor Widow mothers are living at Vrindavan leaving their Herth and home from centuries. At vrindavan their condition becomes pathetic when they fall ill also some are not having any permanent source for lively hood. With the support from Paramahamsa Yogananda Charitable Trust, New Delhi full-free medical treatment is being provided to the destitute widow mothers, Sadhus, Poor men-women-children of Vrindavan and its adjacent places. All of them are given full-free medical treatment in our Charitable Hospital which include medicines, investigations, in-patient services including surgeries. We have continued distributing food materials such as rice, wheat flour, pulses, sugar, salt, Tea, milk powder, cooking oil, soap etc. needed for one month are being provided to 1600 poor widows every month by their courtesy.

Apart from this, every year, Sweater/Blanket/Shawl, a saree, 1 Ltr. Edible oil, two soaps, and a pair of socks is distributed to 1700 poor widows on the sacred Birthday of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. 300 sadhus are being provided dhotis along with pranami on the sacred birthday of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. About 850 more widow mothers are being given food ration on the Holy Akshaya Tritiya, Akshaya Navami and Pitri Amavasya days and few other days. All this is possible with the aid and support of Paramahamsa Yogananda Charitable Trust, New Delhi; Late Smt. Mohini Devi Somani & Family, Delhi; Ramakrishna Mission Headquarters, Belur Math and other generous donors.


Assistance to the the underprivileged was rendered in the form of educational aid; School dress and books; socks to the poor in winter; aid for referral treatment; monetary help for marriages; sari & dhoti; medicines; blankets; rikshaw fare to the poor and widow mothers, cremation etc to the tune of Rs. 1,17,62,075/- during the year to 22,100 beneficiaries. Total 470 spectacles were provided to the widow mothers and sadhus by the courtesy of Sri R. G. Ahrawal, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. , New Delhi

Scholarships worth Rs. 1,25,400/- were distributed to 92 meritorious students belonging to various schools in Vrindavan. Rs.2,28,000/- worth Scholarships were distributed to 4 meritorious nursing students for higher studies.

T.B. PATIENTS & PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED: Under the Government-run TB control programme (DOTS) tuberculosis patients are getting life-saving medicines free of cost. With the generous support from philanthropic persons and organizations, the Sevashrama provides ration of food items consisting of – Atta, Rice, Mustard Oil, Sugar, Salt and Dal every month to T.B.

patients and physically challenged persons. This year total beneficiary was 150 per month.

NON-FORMAL EDUCATION TO CHILDREN: Four units of non-formal school are being conducted with the aim of promoting physical, mental and spiritual development of children. More than 200 children take part in both these units. The main activities included regular tuition classes, group prayer, cultural activities and games. Children are given green peas, biscuits, bananas, apples, bread, bun, milk with protein powder and other nutritious cooked food along

with the seasonal fruits alternatively. School bags, school uniforms, bathing-soap, washing powder, coconut oil, tooth brush, and tooth paste, note books, etc. were also being given to the children. Regular health & eye check-ups are conducted by pediatricians and medicines are given free of cost wherever necessary. 


DISTRESS RELIEF: Apart from that given to the widow mothers of Vrindaban on the occasion of Holy Mother’s Birthday, like every year, this year another 750 blankets were distributed to the poor of different remote villages of Brajdham, including the poor on the streets of Vrindaban, during the winter with the kind donation of Sri Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhawan, Nagpur and other generous donors. Bundles of clothing (old and new) were distributed to many other poor people in remote villages all through the year. Total 1,000 Clothes and Sweaters were distributed among 1000 men by the kind donation of ITC Ltd. Via Headquarters, Belur Math.


Covid-19 Relief: Due to corona virus pandemic in our country, we distributed 11,400 plates of cooked full meal to needy persons and stranded labourers . Dry ration consisting of Rice, Wheat Flour, Mung Dal, Cooking oil, Salt, Sugar, Potatoes, Soap, Milk powder, Tea leaf, Turmeric powder and Gas Cylinders among 3847 beneficiaries.