Old Ashrama

In course of time, the Sevashrama was shifted from Kala Babu’s Kunj to newly acquired land at Panighat, on the Yamuna. Various allopathic departments were added to the existing ones and bed capacity of the hospital was raised to 50. Initially the river Yamuna was flowing adjacent to the Sevashrama complex at Panighat but with passage of time the river changed its course and started flowing at some distance. However during monsoon, river water used to inundate the hospital complex thereby paralysing medical facilities. With a view to providing uninterrupted medical care to the suffering humanity, new land was acquired during early 1950s at Mathura Road (presently Swami Vivekananda Marg) and construction of hospital complex was taken up. Due to paucity of financial resources, it took more than a decade to construct the minimum infrastructure for the hospital.

In This campus one of the non-formal school and evening OPD is going on.