Kala Babu kunja

At the Passing Away of Sri Ramakrishna (16-8-1886) and the thought of her helpless condition, Holy Mother Sarada Devi, was very much overwhelmed. At every turn and with every thought, the mother was being reminded the Master was not there just as he used to be. The devotees, too knew of the state of her mind and arranged for her pilgrimage to places sanctified by the presence of The Lord and his incarnations. Accordingly, on 30th August 1886, accompanied by Golap Ma, Lakshmi Didi, Wife of Master mahashay, Swamis Yogananda, Abhedananda and Adbhutananda started for Vrindavan, on arriving at vrindavan on 12th Sep. 1886 They stayed at Kala babu’s Kunja, belonging to Balaram Babus Family on the bank of Yamuna. She stayed there for about a year. In later days the house was further sanctified by her second visit on 19th August 1895 and also by the visit of almost all the Monastic disciples of Sri Ramakrishna like Sw. Brahmananda, Yogananda etc.

A few rooms in the ground floor were utilized for the functioning of Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama from its beginning in 1907 to until 1915 when it was shifted to a new campus at Panighat

This place is renovated and named as Maa Sarada Kutir on 2012


 Visits of Maa Sarada and Monastic disciples of Sri Ramakrishna at Kala Babu Kunj:

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi: from the Second week of September 1886 till the end of August 1887. Here she got the vision of Sri Ramakrishna many a times. From here She started giving spiritual initiation by given Mantra Diksha to Swami Yogananda. Most of the times she used to stay immersed in the Bhava of Radharani.

On mid-February of 1895 she visited Kalababu kunja for second time and stayed for nearly two months.

Swami Vivekananda: On mid-August of 1888 Swamiji stayed here for few days.

Swami Brahmananda: on 1884 stayed for three months, on 1890 stayed form February to September. On 1893 he visited vrindavan again and stayed till Nov / December of 1894. On 1903 he stayed here for few days.

Swami Yogananda: Accompanied Holy Mother on 1886 and 1895.

Swami premananda: form 1895 to mid-1896 accompanied by Brahmachari Kalikrishna (Swami Virajananda)

Swami Adbhutananda: Accompanied Holy mother on 1886.

Swami Turiyananda: He accompanied Swami Brahmananda on 1893 and stayed till 1894 and again stayed three years from 1902

Swami Saradananda: A few days in 1891 and 1916.

Swami Shivananda: on 1884, 1886 and 1893

Swami Advaitananda: some days on 1888

Swami Trigunatitananda: some days of 1891

Swami Abhedananda: Accompanied Holy mother on 1886

Swami Akhandananda: September 1891

Swami Subodhananda: Accompanied Swami Brahmananda on 1890.