Inauguration of Maa Sarada Canteen

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Dear Friends and Devotees, 

Please accept our namaskar and hearty greetings. 

We are glad to inform you that the newly set-up ‘Maa Sarada Canteen’ was inaugurated by Sri Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, Hon’ble Minister for Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh on Friday, 15th April, 2022 at 5.00pm amidst Vedic chanting and arati to the Holy Trio. 

With this, a long-standing requirement has been fulfilled wherein the patients’ attendants, visitors and staff will be able to procure food of their choice at affordable rates. The canteen will also be able to supply any special diet for the patients. You will be pleased to know that the regular diet is served to all the patients of our Hospital free of charges thrice a day apart from tea/milk in the morning & evening.

Hon’ble Minister went round the various departments of the Hospital and expressed his happiness over the services being rendered.

We attach herewith few photos of the programme.

With prayers to the Almighty for the welfare of all, 

Yours in Service of the Lord,

Swami Suprakashananda