Distress Relief

DISTRESS RELIEF: The Sevashrama is conducting relief works regularly which includes Distribution of Cloth and Blanckets. During the year 2019 -20 , 700 blankets were distributed to the poor of different remote villages of Brajdham, including the poor on the streets of Vrindaban, during the winter with the kind donation of Sri Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhawan, Nagpur and other generous donors. Bundles of clothing (old and new) were distributed to many other poor people in remote villages all through the year. Total 1,000 Shirts, denim Jeans and Sweaters were distributed among 1000 men by the kind donation of ITC Ltd. Via Headquarters, Belur Math Assistance to the underprivileged was rendered in the form of educational aid, school dress and books; socks to the poor in winter; aid for referral treatment; monetary help for marriages, sari & dhoti, medicines, blankets; rickshaw fare to the poor patients & widow mothers; cremation, etc. to the tune of Rs.1,17,62075/- during the year to 22,100 beneficiaries. Total 470 spectacles were provided to widow mothers & Sadhus by the courtesy of Sri R.G. Agarwal, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd, New Delhi.9

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