Anniversary of Ma Sarada Kutir

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The 11th Anniversary of Ma Sarada Kutir (Kala Babu Kunj) and the 137th Anniversary of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi’s visit to Sri Vrindaban Dham was celebrated with due pomp and éclat on 12th September, 2023. A Bhakta Sammelan, Scholarship Distribution programme and Rasa Leela performance were conducted on 13th September,  which were attended by a large number of devotees.

Anniversary of Ma Sarada Kutir:  The auspicious day opened with Mangal Arati at Sevashrama Temple and Special Puja, Homa, discourse on Holy Mother’s visit to Vrindaban and Bhajans were conducted at Ma Sarada Kutir wherein nearly 150 devotees participated and received prasad in hand, while cooked Prasad was served at the Sevashrama campus. The programme ended with Sandhya Arati, Maa Naam Sankirtan and Bhajans in the evening. 

Bhakta Sammelan: In connection with the Anniversary celebrations, a Bhakta Sammelan was also conducted on 13th September in the Sevashrama Temple from 8.30 AM onwards, wherein nearly 90 devotees participated. The programme commenced with Bhajans, followed by Japa, Meditation, Vedic chanting, Homa and Sri Ramakrishna Nama-Yajna and ended with a discourse on the life of Holy Mother.

Scholarship Distribution: On 13th September ‘Swami Vivekananda and Smt. Lalita Bhabuta Memorial Students Scholarship Distribution’ was organised at 3.30 pm at Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, in which 85 meritorious and needy students of different Schools and Colleges of Vrindaban were awarded Scholarships. The programme was concluded with the distribution of 2 Notebooks to all the students. 

In the evening, Rasa Leela & Kaliya Daman Leela was performed by the Kunj Bihari Rasaleela Mandali, Vrindaban.