2nd Free Urology and Surgical Camp for the year 2021

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6 December, 2021

 Dear Devotees & Friends, Please accept our Namaskar and hearty wishes

We are glad to inform you that our Annual Free Urology & General Surgery Camp (2nd Camp for this year) was successfully conducted from 24th to 30th December, 2021 with the kind support of Shri Laxmi Hardevi Tejbhan Grover Manavkosh, Mumbai. A team of 8 specialists from Mumbai, Pune,Nagpur etc. and 5 specialists of our Hospital have actively participated under the leadership of Dr.(Prof.) Harshad Punjani and Dr.Balachandra Kashyapi in screening the patients and conducting the surgeries.

The next Free Urology and General Surgical Camp is scheduled to be held during March / April, 2022 by the same team of specialists in our Charitable Hospital by the courtesy of Shri Laxmi Hardevi Tejbhan Grover Manavkosh, Mumbai.

We attach herewith a few photos of the Surgical Camp for your kind information.

With prayers to the Almighty for the welfare of all,

Yours in Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Suprakashananda Secretary