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Dear & Respected Devotees,   

Please accept our namaskars. Hope you are doing well by the grace of Sri Radharanijee and the Holy Trio. We pray to Them for your welfare. You will be happy to know that like previous years, this year on 12th & 13th September,’20, we are going to observe Ma Sarada Devi’s ‘Padarpan Divas’ at Ma Sarada Kutir (Kala Babu Kunj). Herewith we are sending the programme.

There is no delegate form this year, keeping in mind the present scenario in our country due to Covid-19 pandemic and to avoid its further spread we have decided to avoid large gatherings. Thus this year there are no provisions made for large accommodation of devotees except that a few number (approx.. 40-50 persons) will only be allowed in our own Guest House on the ‘First Come First Served’ basis. 

Yours in Sri Ramakrishna,

Swami Suprakashananda