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    Dear friend/devotee,
    We convey our loving namaskars and warm greetings to you and all the members of your family and friends. Hope you are all keeping well by the grace of the Almighty.

    106 years have passed since the Sevashrama had its humble beginning in 1907 with the aim of rendering selfless service to the poor and needy patients of the Holy Brajdham. We are happy to place before you a Short Annual Report of our activities for the financial year 2012-13. A detailed report will follow once the Statement of Accounts is finalized. We have been able to take up all the activities for the service of the poor and needy because of the dedicated and generous support that you have provided to us. We are indebted to all our well wishers for helping us to upgrade the existing services. Along with the generous donors and well wishers, we thank all our doctors, nurses, friends, devotees, volunteers and staff, without whose help we would not have achieved this success. As in previous years, this year too we undertook some major development works and also added a few new equipment/instruments. We also place before you the various projects that are planned for the year ahead. We are sure that with your generous and noble support we will be able to continue our services to the poor as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda - "Serving God in man".

    Further to the support that you are providing to the Sevashrama, which we sincerely believe will continue for years to come, we request you to please recommend this 106 year old institution to a few of your kind hearted acquaintances who may also be willing to help us by extending financial assistance.

    We have been sending you the reports of our activities twice a year. Hope you are receiving the same. We take this opportunity to renew our invitation to you and all the members of your family & friends to visit Sri Vrindaban Dham at your convenience. Your visit will surely be an inspiration to all of us here. You can personally witness the various activities undertaken at the Sevashrama by your noble support. We are hopeful that along with that you will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this holy land blessed by the divine lila of Sri Krishna. May Sri Radharani, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi & Swami Vivekananda bless us all and fill our lives with devotion, peace and bliss.

    With namaskars and prayers for all,

      Yours in Sri Ramakrishna,
    Swami Suprakashananda  

    P.S.: We are happy to announce that obliging our request the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, has extended 100% exemption from Income Tax u/s 35 AC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for donations to Infrastructure Development and Corpus Fund up to the Financial Year 2015-16. Donations to all other service activities are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

    Note: - Please intimate us if there is a change in your postal/email address or in case you are in receipt of more than one copy of report/communication.
    New Medical Equipment / Instruments added during the year  
      Equipment Donated by
    1 Immunoassay System
    (a) MiniVidas (b) BacTALERT 3D
    (c) TB/Blood Culture (d)Lensometer-Nidek
     Grant received from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India
    2 HbA1c Analyzer-HTSD10 – Bio Rad Labs     -- do --
    3 Colono Videoscope, Microscopes - Olympus     -- do --

    Delivery Cot

        -- do --
    5 Anaesthesia Machines – L&T     -- do --
    6 Anaesthesia Machine – L&T Central Bank of India, Agra
    7 Longwave Diathermy (Physiotherapy) Manava Seva Sansthan, Mumbai
    8 HMS Unistim - IFT+MS+ TENS (Physiotherapy)     -- do --
    9 Computerised Elbow CPM (Physiotherapy)     -- do --
    10 Sodium-Potassium Analyzer - TransAsia Ms. Kanti Maheshwari, Mumbai
    11 Multipara Monitor Sri Shriram Beriwala, Vrindaban
    12 Photostat Procured with our own funds
    13 Colour Doppler State Bank of India, Mumbai

    New Vehicles added during the year
      Vehicle Donated by
    1 Eicher Tractor Virdee family, London
    2 Tata Nano Gifted by a devotee from New Delhi

    We are indebted to all the above donors for their wholehearted support and for donating the above listed items to the Sevashrama.

    • Diabetes Program:Dr. Santosh Gupta, Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist and her husband Dr. Jitendra Gupta of Manav Seva Foundation, USA, started supporting the diabetic patients receiving treatment in our Hospital with different types of insulins, glucometers and other accessories from June 2012. They have also started a training programme for nurses in diabetes so that they can serve as certified Diabetes Educators. During the period under review diabetes supplies worth 10 Lakh rupees were received.
    • Safe Drinking Water:Thanks to the noble initiative of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Mathura Refinery, two RO Plants of 250 LPH capacity were installed making available safe drinking water to patients, doctors, nurses and supporting staff. The project was supported by IOCL under Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • Renewal and Extension of the Sewage System: A part of the old sewage system, which had become dysfunctional due to increase of the height of municipality sewage line outside the campus, was relied and new lines were added. The project was supported by RITES Ltd., Gurgaon under Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • With the financial assistance of RITES Ltd., Gurgaon, a 20KV Solar Power Plant is being installed above the hospital building, the work of which is expected to be completed within a few weeks.
    • We gratefully acknowledge the voluntary service of Dr. Sunita Maheshwari and her team of Radiologists at Teleradiology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore in providing prompt and expert diagnostic reports of all CT Scan images through teleradiology. With their kind support we have been able to serve the poor patients by providing CT Scan facility at a nominal cost.
    • Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (BPL/Smart Card): The Govt. scheme of medical insurance to the Below Poverty Line people of the land through BPL/Smart Card has been continued successfully at the Sevashrama Hospital. A total of 177 cases were treated under RSBY during 2012–13. The cardholders are offered free treatment, medicines and also conveyance charges after their discharge.
    • We are very grateful to Steel Authority of India (SAIL) for sanctioning a grant of Rs.22,00,000/- towards the free distribution of medicines.
    • Eye Camps: Eye screening camps were held in different villages and on an average 15 to 25 patients were brought for surgery every time to the Hospital in the vehicle provided by Blind Foundation for India, USA. Post-surgery they were sent back to their homes/villages in the same vehicle with all necessary medicines. These camps are being sponsored by Sri Baijnath Garodia Charitable Trust, Guwahati, Assam and Hemalatha Memorial Trust, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu and other generous donors.
    • Patient Services and Accounting System (PSAS): With the kind help and generous support of Sri Jagannathan Srinivasan of Sarada Research Labs, Bangalore and his team, the development of Hospital Management System has been continuing since last three years. The System, so far implemented, has made management of filing and day to day running of the wards, Diagnostic Lab, and tasks such as cash collection at the counter, very easy and effective. Ultrasound, CT Scan and Endoscopy departments were integrated to the system during the period under review.

    Medical Activities
    • Indoor Department: The total bed strength of the Charitable Hospital is 165.

    • General Ward

      Private Ward


      Male  46








      The general ward patients are provided bed, diet, milk, almost all the medicines, and doctors' & nurses’ services – all at free of cost. The private ward patients are also offered the same services except the medicines and nominal room charge. A total number of 11,736 patients were treated at the in-door department during the year under consideration.

    • Operation Theatre: The six operating room OT Complex functions five days a week. General & Laparoscopic surgeries; Urological Surgeries; Paediatric, Gynaec & Obstreitics, Orthopaedic, Plastic, ENT and Ophthalmic Surgeries are conducted regularly. Total number of surgeries conducted during the year was 2,230 which include 660 eye surgeries conducted through PHACO, IOL or Yag Lazer. The 5-day Annual Urology Camp headed by Dr. (Prof.) Harshad Punjani, Mumbai was conducted in November in which 98 surgeries were performed. The camp was sponsored by Manav Seva Sansthan, Mumbai.
    • Children Ward: As in previous years, a very generous donor from Mumbai provided the necessary financial support for free treatment to all patients in the 18 bed children ward. This year 1,045 children got admitted for free treatment in this ward whereas 40,349 children got consultation in the OPD. Free medicines were provided to all the patients.
    • Alternative Medicines and Clinics: The Sevashrama offers Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing & Naturopathy ways of alternative treatments on a regular basis. One of the two Ayurvedic physicians conducts Ksharsutra Ligations on piles and fistula patients very successfully.
    • Emergency Department: After OPD clinics are closed, the Sevashrama offers Emergency consultation for all patients till the OPD opens next morning. Two MBBS Doctors and one Consultant Gynaecologist are at the service round the clock. 13,864 patients visited the department in the current year.
    • Pallimangal - Rural Mobile Medical Service: A team comprising 8 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 attendant and 6 volunteers continue to provide medical services in the rural areas of Mathura District four days a week. Regular Oral & Eye check-up camps are also conducted. All the patients are given 6 days medicines free of cost. The total number of patients treated was 50,965. The Mobile Medical Vans used for this service are donated by Blind Foundation for India, USA and Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd., Agra.

    Our gratitude to the following super specialists for their dedicated services:
    Gastroenterology - Padmavibhushan Dr. B.N. Tandon, Delhi, Dr. Chirdeep Agarwal, Vrindaban; Cardiology - Dr. A. P. Arora,  Delhi,  Dr. K. Gopal, Vrindaban, Dr. Deepak Agarwal, Agra, Dr. Anjali Sarkar, USA, Dr. Shailesh Jain, Delhi; Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery- Dr. Amitabh Singh, Dr. Ashish Dhingra & Dr. Anju B Singh, Delhi; Psychiatry  - Doctors from Agra Mental Hospital, Agra; ENTDr. A. K. Lahiri, Delhi, Dr. Vikrant Singhal, Agra; Laparoscopic SurgeryDr. R. N. Sarangi, Delhi; Paediatrics - Dr. Jagdish Tiwari, Dr. Srikant Basu, Delhi; PathologyDr. P. K. Chatterjee, Delhi, Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee, Burdwan; NaturopathyDr. P. K. Bhattacharya, Delhi; NephrologyDr. Himangshu Mahapatra and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Delhi. Gynaecology Dr. Vivek Agarwal, Agra, Dr. Uma Rani Swain, Dr. Indrani Ganguly, Delhi; UrologyDr. Harshad Punjani, Mumbai, Dr. Balchandra Kashyapi, Pune, Dr. Sushil Rathi, Nanded, Drs. Mr&Mrs Shivde, Dr. Dhananjay, Nagpur, Dr. Dayal Pratap, Bhatinda; DentistryDr. Narayan Prasad, Hardwar; Dr. Amit Kapoor, Delhi; OphthalmologyDr. Ravi Goel, UK, Anesthesiology - Dr. Millan C Baidya, USA, Dr. Sushmita Bhattacharya, Australia; RadiologyDr. N.K Sharma, Delhi

    Patients Statistics for the last 3 Years*


    Admitted (IPD)

    Allopathy  (OPD)











    5 (2+3+4)



    8 (5+7)

    2010 -11



























    Income for the last 3 Years*


    Hospital Maintenance Fund

    Donation to Nursing School

    Donation to Pallimangal

    Grand total

    Fees & Charges




















    Expenditure for the last 3 years*


    Hospital Maintenance Fund

    Nursing School


    Grand Total

    Salaries & Wages

    Purchase of Medicines

    Other Expenditure






















    * There may be slight change in figures after the final auditing.

    • Medical Store: Sevashrama purchased medicines worth Rs. 1,49,33,549/- at wholesale rate for free distribution to the poor patients. We ensure that only genuine medicines from reputed companies and of good quality are used in the hospital.
    • Ma Sarada Dawakhana: This fair price medical shop makes available genuine, good quality and standard company drugs (that are not available at the free OPD dispensary) to the patients at the actual cost. The margin of benefit is only 5% to 15% of the purchasing rate.
    • Out Patient Department: The average OPD attendance is 900 per day. Almost 40 doctors provide their services in the OPD every day. One or two super specialists in different disciplines also offer their services on alternate days.
    • Orphan Patients: Vrindaban being a pilgrimage centre many devotees, especially in their old age, come here to live for the rest of their lives. Sometimes they suffer a pitiable end, dropping sick at Dharamashalas, Ashramas, widow shelters or even at road sides. Invariably they are brought to the Sevashrama and we try to provide them whatever we can to alleviate their suffering. Some of them stay for months together. If required we arrange for their last rites as well. The period under consideration witnessed 16 suchorphan mortalities. Those who recover leave the Sevashrama with a sense of deep gratitude.
    • Blood Bank: Apart from exchange donors from patients’ side, different groups of voluntary donors provided the life saving blood throughout the year. We are very grateful to the Red Cross Blood Bank, Delhi for supplying blood units to our patients whenever required. We are also grateful to Akhil Bharatiya Yuva Agrawal Sammelan for donating blood. A total of 1063 transfusions took place at the hospital this year.
    • The work of a new facility for accommodating laboratory in the first floor of the hospital building is progressing satisfactorily and the laboratory is expected to be shifted by November 2013.

      School of Nursing

    • The new (31st) batch of 20 meritorious students from economically backward families were admitted to the free 3½ years General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) course recognised by the Indian Nursing Council, Delhi and the U.P. State Medical Faculty.
    • Nursing School students, with the guidance of their teachers, visited remote villages as part of their Community Training Programme and imparted Adult Education, Awareness and Counselling programmes in baby care, food & nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, post immunizations and HIV/AIDS to the villagers.
    • Lamp Lighting Ceremony: At a glittering Lamp Lighting Ceremony held at the Auditorium in the School of Nursing on Wednesday, 12th December, 2012, the fresh batch of 20 nursing students formally took the oath to dedicate their lives to the service of ailing humanity. Swami Suviranandaji Maharaj, Assistant Secretary, Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Belur Math, presided over the function; Smt. Manju Nandy, Chief Nursing Officer (Retd.), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi was the Chief Guest. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Mathura District and Smt. Bandana Bhattacharya, Principal (Retd.), RAK College of Nursing, New Delhi were the Guests of Honour. On the same evening, the School celebrated its Annual Day with various cultural programmes.
    • Post-Basic B.Sc. Nursing: Under Jiwaji University and ITM University, Gwalior, some of our staff nurses have joined the above course conducted by the ITM College.  Efforts are in progress for starting the course at our institution itself from this academic year with due affiliation from King George Medical University, Lucknow.

      General Relief & Welfare programme 

    • Welfare of widow mothers & the poor: With the aid and support from the Society for  
      Protection of Human Rights,
      New Delhi; Kirpalani Foundation, South America; Makhan Lal Mahawar Charity Trust, Alwar; Sri Surendra Mohan, Delhi; and other generous donors, we have continued distributing food materials such as rice, wheat flour, pulses, sugar, salt, cooking oil, soap etc. to 900 poor widows every month. In addition to this, thanks to the financial assistance extended by Ramakrishna Mission Headquarters, Belur Math, food ration sufficient for one full month is distributed to 125 very aged mothers every month under the new Widow Welfare scheme. Woolen shawl, Dhoti, oil, two soaps, and socks were distributed to 1200 poor widows on the sacred Birthday of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. 
    • Assistance to the underprivileged was rendered in the form of educational aid, school dress and books, socks to the poor in winter, spectacles to old persons, house rent for poor widows, aid for referral treatment, monetary help for cremation, marriages, food grains, sari & dhoti, slippers, medicines, blankets, rickshaw fare to the poor patients & widows etc., to the tune of Rs. 15,60,700/- during the year to 48,567 beneficiaries.
    • TB patients & Physically challenged:  We have provided food grains ration along with quality medicines to 50 TB patients and physically challenged persons.
    • Distribution of Blankets & Clothing: Apart from that given to the widow mothers of Vrindaban on the occasion of Holy Mother’s Birthday, another 500 blankets were distributed to the poor of different remote villages of Brajdham, including the poor on the streets of Vrindaban, during the winter with the kind donation of Sri Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhawan, Nagpur; Sri Surendra Mohan, Delhi, Sri Bhaskar  P Gupta, Delhi and other generous donors.  1,200 socks and bundles of clothing (old and new) were distributed to many other poor people of remote villages all through the year.
    • Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations: As part of this, two units of Gadhadar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP), one at Panighat (Old Ashrama) and another at Shyamanagar, and two units of Vivekananda Swasthya Parisheva Prakalpa (VSPP), one in Sevashrama and another in village Beri, Haryana, are being conducted with the aim of promoting physical, mental and spiritual development of children. More than 100 children take part in each of these units. The main activities include regular tuition classes, group prayer, cultural activities and games. Children are given green peas, biscuits, bananas, apples, bread, bun and other cooked nutritious food along with the seasonal fruits alternatively. School bags, school uniforms, Bathing-Soap, Washing Powder, Coconut Oil, Tooth Brush, and Tooth Paste, note books, umbrella etc. are also given to the children. Regular health checkups are conducted by a paediatrician and medicines given if necessary.
    • Evening OPD at Panighat (old campus): The premises of our old campus is being utilised for operating an evening OPD for the benefit of the poor people living in and around Panighat. Ayurvedic and Homeopathy departments are run from here. During this year 12634 patients were treated at the evening OPD. All the patients are given free medicines for 6 days.
    • Child Eye Sight Project: In association with the Blind Foundation for India (BFI), USA eye screening and treatment camps were held at 21 schools in the villages of Mathura district on every Wednesday with the help of the vehicle provided by them. In all 6181 children were examined. Free medicines and eye drops were given to 603 children. 144 spectacles were also distributed. 1 child was operated for cataract by Phaco at the Sevashrama hospital.

    • Other Activities

    • Goshala: As a major portion of the structure was in a dilapidated condition due to weathering, there was a longstanding need for renovation. With the kind financial assistance from Somani Foundation, New Delhi, the construction of a new wing is nearing completion. Thanks to the generosity of our devotees, a few cows were also added in this year in order to meet the demand for milk.
    • Agriculture: As in previous years the vacant lands within the main campus & old campus were cultivated to produce mustard and fodder for cows.
    • Guest House: Provided accommodation facilities to a few hundred devotees, well-wishers, visiting doctors and patrons who came as pilgrims to Vrindaban from different parts of India and even from abroad.

    Spiritual & Cultural

    • Ma Sarada Kutir (formerly known as Kala Babu Kunj):  This sacred memorial sanctified by the stay of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and almost all Direct Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna was consecrated in a three-day long ceremony from 12th to 14th September, 2012. The consecration coincided with the 125th Anniversary of Holy Mother’s first visit to Vrindaban. Special Puja, Havan, Discourses, Public meetings and other religious and cultural programs held on this occasion were attended by a number of senior Sadhus and hundreds of devotees who had come from different parts of the country. The Holy Mother’s room in the first floor is now preserved as a shrine and meditation hall. A permanent exhibition on the Holy Trio and separate guest houses for sadhus and lay devotees have also been added. Two guest rooms are constructed in Ma Sarada Kutir with the kind financial contribution of Peerless, Kolkata. The first anniversary of Ma Sarada Kutir will be celebrated on 12th September, 2013 with day-long programmes.
    • Temple: Daily worship, bhajans, weekly readings from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna in Hindi, celebration of holy birthdays of Direct Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna and other great spiritual teachers, Janmashtami, Kali Puja, Durga Puja, Shiv Ratri, Christmas etc. were conducted in the temple with due solemnity and devotional fervour. Many local devotees and those from other places joyfully participated in these celebrations.
    • Library and Book Sales Section: Continued to serve the local people and visiting devotees by making available Ramakrishna-Vivekananda and Vedanta literature.
    • Cultural Competitions: As in previous years, cultural programmes and various competitions were organized for the children of our Bala Vikas Kendra and prizes were awarded to the winners.
    • Yugal Parikrama: On the Yugal Parikrama day lakhs of devotees do the parikrama (circumambulation) by walking barefoot around Vrindaban and Mathura. As our Old Ashrama at Panighat is situated on the Parikrama Marg, Sevashrama distributed battasa (a kind of sweetmeat) and drinking water to more than 45,000 pilgrims. A First-Aid Medical camp and Book Sales Counter were set up at the site.
    • Independence Day & Republic Day Celebrations: The 66th Independence Day and the 64th Republic Day were celebrated with national spirit and fervour along with the hoisting and salutation of the National Tricolour, chanting of National Anthem & distribution of Prasad to all the patients, guests, staff and devotees.
    • Sri Sarada Devi Birthday: The 160th Birthday of Sri Sri Sarada Devi, was observed on 04th January, 2013. The celebration started in the auspicious early hours at 5.30 am with Mangalarati. Special puja was performed at 8 am followed by Havan, Chandi recital and devotional songs. Many sadhus, devotees and admirers participated in the above events with great joy and devotion. ‘Rogi Narayan Puja’ was performed with due devotion at 10.30am at the Indoor Department of the Hospital worshipping each and every patient with Sandal paste, garland, Arati and offerings of fruits and sweets by sadhus, devotees and student & staff nurses. At 12 noon, as part of Daridra Narayan Seva, in all about 3,000 poor widow mothers, poor men & children, devotees and others were sumptuously fed with prasad. Winter Shawl, Dhoti, bathing soap, washing soap, oil and socks were distributed to 1200 poor widow mothers.
    • Swami Vivekananda Birthday: The 151st Birthday of Srimat Swami Vivekananda was celebrated with devotion and festivities on 03rd February, 2013. The celebration started at 5.30 am in the temple with Mangalarati followed by chanting of Vedic mantras. This was followed by special puja, recital of Bhagavad Gita, reading from the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Bhajan, Kirtans and Rogi Narayan puja in the hospital. About 1500 Daridra Narayans & devotees were served noon prasad.
    • Sri Ramakrishna Dev Birthday: The 178th Birthday of Sri Ramakrishna Dev was celebrated with various programmes from 13 to 16 March, 2013. Special Puja, Havan, recital of Chandi, feeding of the poor, etc. were held on that day. Three Hundred-Fifty Sadhus and Vaishnavas were served prasad and given cloth and dakshina on this occasion. Srimad Bhagavata Path was held on three days from 13 and 15 at the temple along with Japa Yajna, Raslila, Bhajans & Kirtan. Around 100 resident delegates, and many other non-resident devotees, attended the daylong Spiritual Retreat on 15th wherein Srimat Swami Chinmayanandaji Maharaj addressed the gathering.

    Our Humble Appeal
    Apart from the above mentioned ongoing projects we have the following special projects for the benefit and welfare of the poor and the needy patients. We appeal most humbly to your gracious self for your kind, sympathetic and generous support.

      Name of the Project

    Amount (in Rs)

    Extension and upgrading the existing hospital building

    Repair and modification of the existing wards

    Repair and extension of the sewage system

    Repair of roads inside the Sevashrama campus

    Construction of 1st Floor of living quarters for class 4 workers

    Installation of Solar Energy Plant in the hospital

    Hospital Bed Endowment (Plaque placedon bedside)

    Hospital Bed Endowment (Inscription on plaque outside the ward)

    Maintenance of the Hospital bed for one year

    Sponsoring entire Nursing Course for one student

    Renovation of temple dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna

    Sponsoring a Specialist Doctor for one year

    50 Lakhs

    50 Lakhs

    25 Lakhs

    12 Lakhs

    50 Lakhs

    60 Lakhs

    05 Lakhs

    03 Lakhs



    30 Lakhs

    2.5 Lakhs

    All our activities are dependent on the generous charity of kind hearted persons and philanthropic organizations. We most earnestly solicit your kind, liberal and active support to carry on the noble service. Any one desirous of making Hospital Bed Endowment or sponsoring a nursing student or any other activity in memory of your near and dear ones may kindly contact us by email, phone or post.

    1. Further to the support that you are providing to the Sevashrama, we request you to please recommend this 106 year old institution to a few of your kind hearted acquaintances who may be willing to help by providing us financial assistance for the various activities of the Sevashrama.
    2. We request Retired Army / Civil doctors, Nursing Tutors/personnel, Yoga Instructors, volunteers to join us in the “Seva Yajna”.
    3. Donations to the Infrastructure Development and Corpus Fund are eligible for 100% exemption from Income Tax u/s 35 AC of the Income Tax Act, 1961. All other donations are exempt from Income tax u/s 80 G of the Income Tax Act. Cheques and drafts may please be drawn in favour of – “Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Vrindaban” and sent through any branch of these banks anywhere in India under intimation by email/phone/post to the Secretary.
    For Infrastructure Development and Corpus Fund
    (exempted under Income Tax u/s 35AC of IT Act)


    A/c No. – 9100 1001 8246 169

    IFSC – UTIB0000794

    For For other donations
    (exempted under Income Tax u/s 80G of IT Act)


    A/c No. – 2741 0400 0012 829

    ICICI Bank

    A/c No. – 0274 0100 0080

    IFSC – IBKL0000274

    IFSC – ICIC0000274


    A/c No. – 0463 0001 0005 1071


    A/c No. – 1068 4298 661

    IFSC – PUNB0046300

    IFSC – SBIN0002502


    Address for communication:      

    The Secretary
    Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Swami Vivekananda Marg,
    PO: Vrindaban, Dt: Mathura, UP – 281 121
    Ph. Nos. – 0565 – 244 2310/3310 (Fax), 92592 71811
    Email:, Website:

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