Food Items Distribution to Widow Mothers

'Matru Devo Bhava' (Mother is God) is the Vedic Upadesha in Indian Culture. Sri Ramakrishna Dev attained Spiritual Realization through the Motherhood of God by His devotion to Bhavatarini Maa of Dakshineshwar ,Kolkata. He also demonstrated Fin His life highest love,respect & service to His Mother Chandramani Devi & Sri Sarada Devi & others.

In Vrindaban,where Bhagawan Sri Krishna sported with Sri Radha Rani & in Holy Vrindavan.It is an age long tradition in India that widow mothers regards Sri Krishna as their only support for remaining earthly life and hence come to Vrindavan, Mathura. More than 5000 Widow Mothers are taking shelter in various ‘Kutiya’ (thatched huts), or in some Ashramas or renting a small room to accommodate 4 to 5 heads in one!. They are fraught with dire poverty & living in pitiable condition.

Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama,Vrindaban,Uttar Pradesh,India is serving unfortunate widow mothers in the spirit as envisioned by Swami Vivekandna ‘Serve God in Man’.

With a sincere wish to ameliorate the condition of these unfortunate widow mothers, the Sevashrama, apart from providing free medical care to them through our Charitable Hospital, has embarked upon the project of providing free monthly ration of food articles a few decades ago. Around 1600 Widow mothers have been given Ration Card. The time & date of ration distribution is fixed.
Presently we are giving ration consisting of following items.

Sr No.





5 Kg


Atta (wheat flour)

5 Kg


Mustard Oil

1 Ltr


Dal (pulses)

1 Kg


Table Salt

1 Kg



1/2 Kg


Bathing and Washing Soap

1 Each


Washing powder

250 g


Tea and Milk Powder

250g each

Current cost of all Total expenditure for one widow mothers for one month Aprox. Rs 600/- per month.


Distribution of Blankets,etc to Widows
on Holy Mother Jayanti

Apart from the above regular distribution, on the three holy occasions of Akshaya Tritiya, Akshaya Navami and Pitri Amabasya (Mahalaya) Free Ration of Food Items is distributed to poor widow mothers.

On special occasions like birthday of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi around 1600 poor widow mothers are sumptuously fed with prasad and winter blankets, clothes, oil, soaps, were distributed to them. Winter temperature in Vrindaban touches below 3 degrees hence around 1600 socks were also distributed to poor widow mothers in this winter.

For a few widows we are providing house rent, pecuniary help for such purposes as marriage of their daughters, etc.

In addition to above, we occasionally distribute freely essential utensils also. The utensils include a small
Pressure Cooker, Refillable Gas Trunk, Stainless Steel Eating plates ,Stainless Steel Tumbler, Cylinder, Tin.

Apart from these regular distributions, a few devotees come forward to arrange for distribution on such occasions as their birthday etc., or in the loving memory of their near and dear ones.

Presently we are receiving the aid and support from the Kirpalani Foundation of South America, Paramahansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust, Ramakrishna Mission Headquarters at Belur Math and other generous donors.

But it is to be noted that this venture is only a drop in the ocean of poverty, and we are trying our best to increase the number of the beneficiaries.The financial constraints restrict us to limit the number of beneficiaries to 1600; though there are about 5000 poor widow mothers.

Please note that Sevashrama depends upon the kind donations received from devotees, well wishers and philanthropic organizations for conducting all the service activities of the Widow Welfare Program.

Vrindavan, the holy land sanctified by the Divine Leela o f Sri Radha Krishna, have around more than 5000 widow mothers. From ancient times, widow mothers are taking shelter in Vrindavan.

Considering widow mothers pathetic condition of medical treatment, especially during their ailing age 'Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Vrindavana' has started massive project Free Treatment to all the abandoned widow mothers of Vrindavan.

We extend warm gratitude to Paramahansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust, New Delhi for their contribution towards the full-free medical treatment for the destitute widow mothers of Vrindavan. All the widow mothers in need of medical treatment are given full-free treatment in our Charitable Hospital which includes medicines, investigations, in-patient services including surgeries.

With the aid and support from the Yogananda Trust, Kirpalani Foundation , South America; Sri Surendra Mohan , Delhi, Bani Jagtiani Trust , Delhi, Smt. Mohini Devi Somani & Family , Delhi, Ramakrishna Mission Headquarters, Belur Math and other generous donors, we could continue distributing food materials such as rice, wheat flour, pulses, sugar, salt, tea, milk powder, cooking oil, soap etc. to 1600 poor widows every month needed for one month .

Blanket, dhoti, oil, two soaps, and socks are distributed to 1600 poor widowson the sacred Birthday of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi.

Other than these, about 800 more widow mothers were given food ration on the Holy Akshaya Tritiya, Akshaya Navami and Pitri Amavasya days.

Those who wish to contribute for Widow Mothers Welfare may kindly contact to the following:

The Secretary,

Ramakrishna Mission Sevasharama
Sw. Vivekananda Road,

Phone : (0565) 2442310, 2443310
Email:[email protected]


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