1. Hail Storm Relief- April 2015
2. Relief Provided to Fire Victims
3. Flood Relief - 2010

Hail Storm Relief Work at Vrindavan, Dist-Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – April-2015

Ramakrishna Mission which was started 150 years back by Swami Vivekananda & has always been in the forefront of providing relief &
rehabilitation to the very poor during all natural calamities.


We all are aware that Uttar Pradesh and many other parts of India have witnessed untimely rains and hailstorm in the month of April 2015 damaging the entire crops.

Farmers in desperation are committing suicide.

Our monks & volunteers did survey of various Hail Storm Affected Villages. They visited house to house of the farmers and noted down the items needed for their survival.


Our team found that there are more than 20 villages affected in and around Vrindavan, Dist Mathura ,UP.

We took up relief work for a few villages based on the funds available at hand.

We want to adopt around 20 villages for Relief as number of suicide farmers is increasing day by day.

The total amount needed is Rs 1 Cr. Only. 

Following items have already been distributed. The following estimate is for one village only.
while there are more than 20 villages affected in and around Vrindavan,Dist Mathura ,UP.


      No. of families        Quantity             Price         Amount

Food Grains (15 days for 150 families):

                    Atta                       150                  75 kgs                     19.00         2,13,750.00
                    Rice                       150                 30 kgs                     25.00         1,12,500.00
                    Dal                       150                   5 kgs                     96.00          72,000.00
               Mustard Oil                       150                   2 kgs                     80.00         24,000.00
                   Salt          &n bsp;            150                   2 kgs                     15.00         45,000.00
                 Sugar                       150                      1 kg                     30.00        45,000.00
         Baazra/Cherry Seeds                         50                  20 kgs                     50.00        50,000.00
Aluminium Sheets for Roofing (Tata manufacture)                         40                5 sheets                    1725.00       3,45,000.00
                                    TOTAL             9,07,250.00

hail5 hail6

We have started undertaking relief work in the Mathura region in Uttar Pradesh and we are supplying food and ration and also providing roof cover for the huts of the farmer as it has got blown off. Please go through following images.

We want to adopt around 20 villages for Hail Storm Relief as number of suicide farmers is

hail7 hail7 hail8 hail8

2. Relief Provided to Fire Victims  
Fire Relief at Gantoli Village Fire Relief at Gantoli Village
Fire Relief Distribution Relief Provided to the Fire Victims
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3. Flood Relief - 2010

After a span of about 30 years, parts of Vrindaban were under water due to heavy rains in the highlands of Haryana and Delhi. Due to heavy rains, the dams had to leave the water that was beyond their capacity. The river Yamuna had created havoc at many places on the way as many lives were affected due to the floods.

Ramakrishna Mission, conducted a survey in the flood affected regions – Vrindaban Khadar (Shyamkuti Kshetra, Jagannath Ghat & Shyamnagar – all on the bank of the river Yamuna) and was able to provide relief to 200 families (1051 individuals). Most of the families, who had kuccha house, faced the brunt of the floods. Many houses were inundated with water and many of them lost their belongings as they habited the low lying banks of the river.

Each family was provided with 5 kgs of Rice, 1 Kg Dal, 1 Bottle (containing 1000 tablets) of Halogen Tablets, 2 saris to every adult female in the family and 2 winter blanket and 21/2 Kgs of Bleaching Powder. A total of 1000 Kgs of rice, 200 kgs of Dal, 500 Kgs of Bleaching powder, 478 saris, 400 Winter Blankets and 200 bottles of Halogen Tablets were distributed under the ages of the Relief Section of the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math. A few Photographs are provided below for your kind perusal.

Devastation by floods Devastation by floods
1 2
Survey & Coupon distribution Survey & Coupon distribution
3 4
Coupon verification Rice, Dal & Bleaching powder distribution
Sari distribution Winter Blanket distribution
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